Anima – feminine aspect

Anima – feminine aspect – the inner feminine part of the male personality or a man’s image of a woman.

Animus – male aspect – an inner masculine part of the female personality or a woman’s image of a man.

Archetype – (from Makaryk – see General Resources below) – “a typical or recurring image, character, narrative design, theme, or other literary phenomenon that has been in literature from the beginning and regularly reappears” (508). Note – Frye sees archetypes as recurring patterns in literature; in contrast, Jung views archetypes as primal, ancient images/experience that we have inherited.

Collective Unconscious – “a set of primal memories common to the human race, existing below each person’s conscious mind” (Jung)

Persona – the image we present to the world

Shadow – darker, sometimes hidden (deliberately or unconsciously), elements of a person’s psyche


Roisun Kubangcalingcing

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