Nyerat.com is Roisun first homepage in internet. YOu can go directly to Nyerat.com by Clicking HERE if you don’t wanna read the information about Nyerat.com from this page.

Nyerat.com his first serious nyerat online. By his Nyerat.com Want to earn some money from internet especially from adsense and affiliate program.

Nyerat which means write in both Java and sundanese has special things for Roisun. For the people who have already promoted Roisun, I want to say Thank you for promoting Roisun in everyplaces of your website. Roisun is not started the adsense nor the affiliate yet, Roisun is still in PTC program, Dbclix and IDR-clickit. Nyerat.com has already talk about this.
to know more about Roisun, Beside you Go to this Roisun.blogspot.com you can also go to Roisun.wordpress.com and Nyerat.com

With this Roisun.blogspot.com and also Nyerat.com, I, God willing will have some advantages of internet in earning some money. and I also hope with something that I have already Nyerat (written) here, You can get some benefits.
For more information about Nyerat.com click HERE


Roisun Kubangcalingcing

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