Great Dribbling Winning Eleven

Great Dribbling Winning Eleven

Train your skill in Winning Eleven by doing Great Dribbling , To do this you need Slow down the run that does not mean letting your opponent to steal the ball. This is part of a strategyto steer the ball into the corner to make it more focused goal or to another part.When standing, you can pretend to run. How to dribble? Stop the ball by holding R2, then press 2 times (Up) or (Down), Have it your best way. Have a blast

For other tip and trick you can visit this link(But You need to translate it your self)

Tip dan Trik menang Winning Eleven

Jurus Ampuh Menang Winning Eleven

Enjoy the Dribble trick of Winning Eleven
cheat winning eleven

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Great Dribbling Winning Eleven


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2 comments on “Great Dribbling Winning Eleven
  1. Robi kean says:

    Winning yang bagus nih.

    <akasih ya atas triknya

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