Winning Eleven 2010 Dribble Tricks

Winning Eleven 2010 Dribble Tricks.
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I will try my best to explain all these trick. Back when the opposite direction from for facing direction. Example, if your player move from the left to the right (facing to the right), back mean you must press left button. Some tricks that I want to share, in condition player move from left to the right (facing right) :

Cross over : while running press L1 twice. In Winning Eleven 2010 Dribble Tricks, cross over more effective then previous version. If you can find the right timing, you can pass the defender just using cross over, without change the direction.

Cross over 2 : while running press L2 twice. It effective to change the dribbler foot in order to cover the ball from defender. Side Drag : when you player in stationary condition, just press up or down. Player continue doing this side drag until you give another command.

Tricky feint 1 : when you player in stationary condition, hold R1 + press up (or down) twice. You must not hold R1 if you very sure that your player in stationary condition. But to make sure that it works, I suggest press and hold R1.

Tricky feint 2 : when you player in stationary condition, hold R1 + press up then down (do it quickly) or hold R1 + press down then up (do it quickly). It also called Matthew Feint (thanks to my friend about this).

Lift the ball : while running + press left then right (do it quickly). Your player will lift the ball, you can use it to pass defensive player or avoid tackling.

Drag-back : when you player in stationary condition, hold R1 + press back button twice (hold R1 + press left button twice )

Drag-back and go : when you player in stationary condition, hold R1 + press back button twice (hold R1 + press left button twice ) then press (up+right) or (down+right)

Flip-flap : it’s more difficult to explain, but i’ll try my best. While running (don’t press R1) press up+right then down+right or you can press down+right then up+right, depending on defensive player position. You must do it quickly.

360 degree turn over/ Marseille Roulette : To do this, just rotate your left analog 360 degree, clockwise or reverse clockwise.

Some spesial player (like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo) have a spesial version of their movement. Example if you change the direction 90 degree, Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo perform their trade mark movement, not like usual player movement. This movement depend on their dribble stats. That’s all tricks that I found (will update if I find another one), practise and make your game more interesting. But remember, sometimes, simple movement usually win the games. Winning the games, not just about dribble tricks

Winning Eleven 2010 Dribble Tricks


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