Melewati defender kuat di Winning eleven

Melewati defender kuat di Winning eleven

Diving Curang Winning Eleven
When you are about 3 meters away from opposing goalie box, press L1 and that should make the player do a simple trick. Then, press on R1 and that should make the player push the ball forward a bit and then run fast (wait APPROXIMATLY 1 sec after pressing L1 and then press R1). Oh also when you do this trick, you should be close to a defender from opposing team so when you’re halfway through running fast, the defender will commit a foul tackling you. The defender might get a yellow or red card. The reason I said to do it next to the box is that when you get a free kick, you’re way more likely to score it. If this didn’t work, you should probably do this cheat faster.

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Melewati defender kuat di Winning eleven

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