Dribble Winning Eleven PS2

Dribble Winning Eleven PS2. cheat winning eleven

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i think u mean L1+R1 get u into tat sideway dribble, then u press direction to speed past the defender at his side, is this wat u trying to say?
so it is 2 actions, L1+R1, then direction + R1.

if not, it maybe other actions that trigger using d-pad only which only work when defender close in, whether u press L1+R1 or not. 1 example is the heel flick, the one tat change direction with the player heel. in 2009 it only happen when defender is close.

in the first place, the sideway dribble is simulating how real life players take on defenders on the flank, making it easier to cross & cutting into the box. nt sure they removing this becos of the 360 dribble but i do lik this sideway dribble as it is often used in real life soccer (although less chances to use again top level AI/players)

anyone else try the 720p settings? the ps3 ver maybe not tat big diff but i try the v-sync off in the pc demo the gameplay become too fast & not realistic.

Dribble Winning Eleven PS2

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  1. escetepe says:

    trik pes2011nya mannaaa…?

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