Menjadikan barcelona real barca di pes 2012

Menjadikan barcelona real barca di pes 2012

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After numerous tests and experiments, my final conclusion is – probably we’d never be able to make Barcelona in PES 2012 play like they do in real life. The reason is, it is bloody hard to simulate their playing style – be it in a game or in real life. Their playing style cannot be accurately reproduced with the available set of sliders. What’s missing in the game is, like it used to be in FIFA, a slider for ‘build up play speed’. I’ve tried a number of combinations including the adjustments in formations, the sliders and even the player stats.

While Konami have recreated the excellent players that Barca have and also have created them with amazing teamwork stats, the one thing ruins the whole thing is, the speed at which the Barca of PES 2012 builds up its attacks. They seem to play too directly which is not Barca’s style.

So, what I’m going to suggest is the set of suggestions that would get you as close to Barca’s style as possible.

Also, it’s important to note that real life Barca don’t play direct football because the opponent teams always sit back and defend which forces Barca to play patiently to build up their attacks and open up defences with some brilliant attacking manouvres. In PES 2012, when you play against Barca, unless you too sit back and crowd your half, Barca will have it easy by playing direct and getting their goals. My point is, to replicate Barca’s style in PES 2012, it’s not enough that we edit the Barca stuff, it’s also important that we play against Barca like how teams play against them – sitting back, men-behind-ball, all-out-defending, parking the bus and all such stuff. If you want to play against Barca like you would play against any other team, don’t complain if they play direct and knock in goals for fun.

Player Support: 0. This is the closest slider to ‘build up speed’. If you set this at 20, as soon as the team wins the ball, all their players start rushing into attacks. Set them to 0, they won’t join as soon as they win the ball but will join the attack slowly. The limitation of this slider is this: picture Messi winning the ball in the midfield. While Barca’s midfielders and defenders will take time to join the attacks, Messi wouldn’t wait for them, neither would Pedro or Villa. So most of the attacks turn out to be a Messi-Villa-Pedro affair. Best way to counter this is to crowd and contain the front three forcing them to pass back or sideways.

Support Range: 20. Because Barca would always stretch the opponents and also make the best use of the width of the pitch. Their excellent passing ability makes this possible for them. Again, the opponents should defend very narrow and have the wide midfielders step back to defend. One way to do this is to set the side midfielders as DMFs so they can stop the flank attacks from Barca.

Position Switch: 20. Barca players constantly move into spaces irrespective of their positions because they know that they will be covered by their colleagues. If there’s an attacking space to be exploited, no matter what position a player starts in, he would move in and support the attack. This is why it’s hard to man mark Barca players. The way to counter this is not getting sucked by one player and his runs. Protect the zone, contain and jockey, don’t keep following players and creating spaces for them to attack.

Attacking Style: 20. No matter what you set here, teams will attack through the middle as well as out wide. This slider only increased the probability of ‘through the middle’ attacks or ‘out wide’ attacks. Most of Barca’s attacks come from attacking plays from the flanks, not necessarily crosses but plays developed on the flanks rather than through the middle. How we do deal with this? As mentioned before, set the defence narrow but put wide midfielders with defensive responsibilities.

Pressing: 20. When they don’t have the ball, they hunt you down like a pack of dogs. High pressure is a key component of Barca’s playing style. With the ball, they could be patient and cultured. Without the ball, they’ll hound you until they get the ball. The best way to deal with this is to stay alert and keep your players is shorter support range to bail you out.

Defensive Line: 20. No team plays a higher defensive line than Barca. That’s pretty much part of their attacking plan. Many a times, all the 20 outfield players in a Barca match would be using only 55-60% of the pitch because Barca defence pushing up congests the opposition. The way to counter this is with, well . . . counters. Set up for counter attacks and expose the slow Barca defence.

Compactness: 20. When they don’t have the ball, maintain the width among themselves. They don’t crowd you. The fact that they’re spread across the width of the pitch doesn’t make you any comfortable because if you lose possession, in a few passes they can split open your defence. What should you do? Don’t lose possession cheaply. Against Barca, possession is at a premium and make the best of it. Again, don’t lose possession cheaply – boot it out, clear the ball, concede throw-ins – do whatever but don’t give it back to them in open play.

Player roles: By default, Messi, Villa and Pedro are set up as Second Striker (SS). What this role does is make them run with the ball all the time. The fact that these are very skillful players also makes this easy. You can try setting up Messi as an AMF which would make him operate in a zone where he normally does for Barca. Also, Villa can be an LWF and Pedro can be an RWF. The player roles in PES series have always determined the zone in which a player operates. This can be used very effectively to achieve game play realism.

That’s about it for now. These things keep evolving. With more and more games, there are new learnings and new experiences. If there are new suggestions, I’d post them right here. Try these settings out and post your comments and feedback here.

Taken from a site wih his title How to make Barca in PES 2012 play like Barca?

Menjadikan barcelona real barca di pes 2012

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