Controlled shot and skill moves on PSP pes 2012

Controlled shot and skill moves on PSP pes 2012

I can never seem to do controlled shots, always seem to be chipped….

And also, I can only seem to do the Akka (Flip Flap) on PSP, I would appreciate any help (videos?) in these questions I have, thank you all very much and I hope you might be able to help me

I can only seem to do the Akka (Flip Flap) on PSP, I would appreciate any help (videos?) in these questions I have, thank you all very much and I hope you might be able to help me

DIY Pest Control

How to aiming the shot: the biggest problem of PES 2012

At the moment, what is the best solution for this problem?

close your eyes when you hit the square button.

Do it nearer to the pussy

very useful, I’ll try. no serious indication?

The main reason shooting isn’t accurate on this years edition is basically because it hasn’t been created well. However, watching some YouTube videos may help you get an idea of what to do. e.g.

I had already seen. There doesn’t seem to be the right solution. Thanks anyway

Dude just wait till 2013 comes out!

in the official PES videos i can see a lot of shoots well angled: so i I believe that they know how..

They were randomly angled

Are you sure?

Trust me its purely random!

Nobody has an answer that actually functions?

The answer is : Just aim, problem ?

just joking try this
when u get close to the goalkeeper just prees Square then press X to make the goalkeeper in ground and the net are clear so just press square to put the ball in the net

Obviously you’re a newbie player in the series

nope I’m old player .. but I always score like this .. I started this move since PES 2008 in PS3 and It’s very useful .. but in 2012 it’s less useful .. in the end it’s a way to score

From Pes 6 shooting mechanics is significantly changed (and worse): now shoots always end at the center of the goal even if you prepare at best …so the only thing I would you know if someone has discovered new technique of shooting. THX

The most important thing is to get the power right, if it goes into the yellow the chances of being on target drop significantly. Just get it on target, keep creating chances and it’ll come.

Pes 12’s shooting is not nearly as bad as people are saying. The thing with it is that it needs too many stuff and timing to actually turn out great.

But the shooting in general needs an overhaul because you cannot fully aim yourself. I am not talking about manual shooting. But a semi auto kind of shot, because in my view, a fully manual system destroys player individuality. Even though Konami announced that pes 13 will have a manual shooting system, I still think that they will find a way to implement player individuality in it. Afterall, Konami’s manual stuff (like passing) are never fully manual.

Over at WENB, manual shooting is not an option – you have to press L2 for a manual shot and the manual shot DOES have some individuality I heard. The embargo ends tomorrow so we can ask key questions

So, does that mean that you have to press L2 to make a manual shot and if you don’t, then you get the normal type of shooting? I was hoping for an option to switch rather than doing it on the move.

But anyway, we’ll see how it turns out. At least, it would be an improvement, that’s for sure.

From what I’ve heard, normal shooting without L2 will include a bit of your input but mostly CPU and L2 means total freedom but I THINK they’ll include player individuality with manual shooting (direction as power will always depend on individuality).
I doubt there’ll be an option

To be honest I don’t think there is much fault. Take into account player speed, direction facing, the correct aimed direction, and the right power, get all those factors right every time and you’ll hit the target at least. Not even the Pros can do this at will, and this is reflected in the game. Some shots are easier to pull off than others, just like real life. It would be crap if it was too easy.

The fault is that there’s too many unnecessary factors to determine a good shot in Pes 12.

Unnecessary or exaggerated points of address in the shooting department.

– Pressure from opposition has an exaggerated impact on the shot
– You have to knock the ball a certain distance to do a power shot which is at times unnecessary
– The ball curl is at times exaggerated and at times way too low. It’s way too inconsistent.

There’s more but it’s tedious to mention them all. Basically, I didn’t hate the shooting, I only hated some points from it that could have made it so much better.

But the most annoying factor is the direction where you don’t have full control over.

I agree to an extent but however bad the shooting people think it may be, its defintely better than the shooting of PES 2011

There is a problem with the shooting in this game, lets not try to hide that. Shooting from outside of the box is a real gamble at times, which of course it should be. The thing is though you have no say what direction the ball heads in. We can only control the power. I am really fed up with Lothar Mattahus who has shot power 96 and a long ranger skill card, hitting an absolute grass cutter with poor power.

The big problem for me with the shooting is the nature of it. Say I am running with someone who has 2 good feet like Andreas Brehme and I run onto his weaker side, he will usually attempt to hit it with his predominant foot when you know it was more sensible to hit it with his “strong” weak side.

Next problem is running onto balls which say have been scrambled away. Your player will either slide and hit it weak or slide and miss it totally. Why should I have to time that when he is running towards it? The player will sometimes randomly slide and hit it weak too, with no pressure what so ever.

The biggest problem I have with shooting has already been highlighted, which is the “strong” weak foot problem. So sick of laying on good chances to my forward in the six yard box only for him to then scuff the chance because he didn’t use his weaker foot to tap it home. Sure players generally do whats comfortable to them and play with there stronger foot, whether that be the right or left side. When the goal is gaping wide though and it falls onto to there weaker side surely they would hit it? Not in this game though. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened as well.

Controlled shot and skill moves on PSP pes 2012





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