Best training cycle in pes 2012 master league

Best training cycle in pes 2012 master league

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I posted this in the “About training?” thread, but thought I’d put it in a thread of it’s own so people don’t miss it, I think I figured out the best way to train to increase stats/reduce stats-loss of players you don’t use often:

Into my second season I had just used Conditioning, the players I used was increasing, but the other players was going down in stats. (I still have just the starting coaches by the way.) So I lookes at the training regime options to see what options I have. I noticed that you lost stats as well as gained in each of the regimes, so I tried to figure out a cycle that didn’t decrease stats, and I think I figured out the solution to this problem!

The cycle is of 11 days that I repeat, just “pausing” during matches and resting days and resuming the cycle after those days. Here’s the cycle I came up with:

3 days Technique
3 days Speed
2 days Physical
1 day Tactics
2 days Conditioning (Or whatever you want I guess :P)

I use “skip to date” to skip to the fourth day and change to speed from Technique for example. (The coach will tell you about the changes in Team Strenght and other things that happen after you skip, and players only talk to you after matches, so there is no need to worry about that.) If for example one of the 3 day Technique trainings is interrupted by a match, say between the 2. and 3. day, I skip to the third day (the match) and play that, after that you automatically go to the next day (wich is resting). Then I skip to the 2. day after the resting days and switch to the 3 day Speed training. this way I get my 3 days of Technique training in the 11 day training cycle.

Anyway, this cycle I found to increase stats slightly overall and not decrease any stats (bear in mind that I have just the original coach, I suspect that the increase in stats is much bigger with the best coaches!).

Hope this helps you if you have young players or other players that you don’t use that much that decreases in stats.. Please correct this if I’m wrong people! (Althoug I’m 99% sure this is the best way to train)

Best training cycle in pes 2012 master league

Conditioning non stop seems to work rather nicely. My team is in superb form, and even the youngsters increase steadily because they get to play whenever they got a red arrow, which is quite often.

Best training cycle in pes 2012 master league

I just wanna thank you for this post !! A really big help on how to develop players in pes 2012 master league

Best training cycle in pes 2012 master league

Is that after you’ve gotten better coaches, or do you have the first one? I had increasing stats on some of the players I used when I had the first coach in the game and only conditioning, but players I didn’t use as much, and older players, decreased. After I started using this training setup the players I didn’t use stopped decreasing and started increasing slightly, and the players I used often increased a bit more than they used to. Now I am beginning my third season, I’m in the Premier League and Europa League and could afford the best coaches. After I got those coaches I use conditioning almost exclusive, with some periods with the setup I mentioned sporadically. I don’t think I NEED it for the players for the players to develop anymore, but I still thinks that it gives the development a small boost..

No problem mate! I was starting to loose faith in ML this year until I figured out this, the training was confusing at first and that made me dislike the game a little, since I liked the training in last years edition so much.

Now that I’m in my third season I’m loving it! I finally have good enough players to compete with the top teams i PL with a young and still developing squad. Although getting more than a draw against the 4-5 best teams is still VERY hard on super star difficulty.. :p

thanks, i was disappointed too in the beginning. i will try your suggestions hoping things will get better.
thanks a lot.

Best training cycle in pes 2012 master league

After playing some time with the best coaches I’ve found that I definetly don’t need to use this cycle anymore, but the players seem to develop somewhat better if I use it from time to time.

thanks a lot for the tip!! hopefully will help me too!!
but one question, if the day after the game would be ur first day of conditioning, do u use that rest day as a conditioning day or from the 2nd day after the match u do 2 days of conditioning training?

Interesting point of view Mathis. Will definetely give it a chance.

Best training cycle in pes 2012 master league

Only problem about it is that it is in 3 day cycles and I usually go every week to save playing time

Just a thought. Would it be the same if you mutiply each duration by two three times? In that case we could probably save some time switching. And what does tactic training improve? Currently i am just having a stupid schedule like this:
15 days speed
15 days physical
15 days technique

Since it’s my first season, my coach is nowhere competent but still my team speed is now 81 with most of the other stats remained constant. The form of players isn’t very good but thanks to the default team + youth team players I have quite a lot of player to choose from. I seldom need to choose a player with poor form (blue / grey arrow). But I definitely welcome this new scheme, and even better if I don’t need to switch as often.

I got a message saying that my player was fatigued so I put training on conditioning and 2 days latter he’s injured.

Why cant I rest them when they are tired

tactics training increases the teamwork stat of ur players.

i am in the 3rd season, and while some of my players (e.g. mark noble) have their ratings now in their 90s, their teamwork stat is still horrible. in hindsight, i probably shoulda slipped in some tactics training.

I see. No wonder my strikers (Ribeiro, Gutierrez) has only 15 teamwork. I thought they were born to be selfish

So thanks for this I’ll give it a go

Hi i have the latest version of pes DLC and version.

I want to know if any of the stats for ur players decrease. As i can see when i try this cycle i end up losing stats on physical attributes.

Also, with the old version (2 and earlier..) the training cycle i had was improving every aspect of each player, but now it seems next to impossible to come up with one. (Gerrad stayed at 93 after 4 seasons, henderson from liverpool improved to 95 from 78 ) But now its all gone haywire

Physical training is an oddball, fact is that you need it but it tends to affect player overall stats as declining. This is because you shouldn’t be staring at overalls. Instead individual player stats. If you want to see best overalls, you should do as much technique as possible, but note that it doesn’t IN FACT lead to better overalls as you need Stamina, Body balance, Kick power etc.

I would say teamwork is the most important stat going, I have always focused on this and taken a slower player with high teamwork for the simple fact that with a team full of 60-70 TW, the passing is just not very fluent at all. If you want to ping the ball around like Barca, you need high teamwork. I have a spine of high teamwork players, then I put a couple of pacey players either on the wings or up front.
If you leave it on condition, the players won’t decline, but they won’t improve as much as if you were training them (Obviously!) I find the training on this game a pain in the bum to be honest, I much preferred individual training to focus on players weak points. And of course to add skill points or indexes or whatever they are called, there is no way to tell how close you are to adding one to a player, Cruyff earned the speed merchant for me about 1 and a half seasons in. Totally out of the blue

I hope the training changes in pes 2013.. It’s a real pain in the a**, I agree to that… They should at least make manual training optional, so you can leave the training to the coaches. The better coaches, the better training.. I don’t know why they changed it from 2011, it was good then.

About this I created a topic on Pes 2013 wish:

To Pes 13 ML, add individual training focus on top of the current Team training focus

As in Pes 12 Master League the training was changed to whole team training instead of player focused training from Pes 11. I’d like to see a possibility in Pes 13 to have a team training + focus on each individual player training..

This because it’s a bit dumb that for instance a goalkeeper would train the exact same things as other team and neglecting his goalkeeper training.

Add a possibility to have universal training + individual. For instance to player, Physical + Speed. Physical being something which all players train, and to add up THIS particular player trains also Speed.

–I think this would be better than the old, individual training only, which a bit allowed to make any player good in everything

Thanks to lack of proper instructions by Konami, I was just thinking about Condition.

I’ve always thought Condition means that players have better chance for good Form on next match. But I just now realized have I been wrong?

Does Condition training mean a chance to increase Player FORM value? Tenacity and such?

Best training cycle in pes 2012 master league

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