Retired players pes 2012 master league

Retired players pes 2012 master league

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in a few of the past pes series in master league i’ve noticed that sometimes when players retire they get put back into master league as a younger version of themselves. What is this?

they are regens, regenerated players. i hate that a lot, very unrealistic. i hate to see a 16 years old del piero who looks like 40 yo

This is the way pes has been as far as I can remember.
I think it’s cool to get the players you like in to your team as youngsters. But don’t like if they are overpowered as very young already

eally u hate it. my delpiero just became 102 in age of 21….. i tell u it is the really good feature if u like to see players grow

hahah yes that is i got 96 rated defender (CB, RB) 16 year ‘chigrat’ 89 rated RB(LB too) ‘ita’, and many more

I think that this feature is really useful, at least was for me in PES 2010…
Does it exist in PES 2012?

Yeh it exists in 2012 and I like it.

How else are new players meant to come about… yeh there is some others but it is too much to bring in too many random players.

Does anyone know which players will regen after your first season? There are a few classic players I would like, but they are too old

Damn it, I had a list similar to what your asking ages ago. I think Farinos, Chigrat, Litmanen and some guy called Winkurfaad do. They have average stats before their regen, but after they have over 80 when they’re 17! I cannot fully assure you they’ll appear after your first season though. I’ll try telling you after I remember a few more

I’ve just found a 16yr old Giggs at 84 overall! And he won’t sign. I need to be more patient on this one, apparently. Do the job you are paid for Mr. Master Negotiator!

I also found Winkurfaad (fake name) / W. VAN DE KERKHOF (proper name), and he is 24, looks a decent player.

I got Winkurfaad a while back and he had a thunderous strike, improves to 100 rapidly. If you need a midfielder desperately, get him as soon as you can

EDIT- This post works best in a Steve McLaren dutch accent.

I did have a bid but he said no chance. Not really stuck, just looking for when my current players start to retire or age. Got a few seasons in the old dogs yet, but need a few young players.
I haven’t won the league yet and my ranking is still quite low so maybe in a few seasons I’ll be able to attract the top players.

If you can’t sign those youngsters with high ratings, you might be able to find some if you’re lucky in you ‘list of targets’. My brother plays a master league and like you he has a great squad but a bit unlucky. He buys all his youngsters from the list of targets. Most of them will be over 25 so don’t expect miracles but since it changes every week, you might find a hidden gem there. If you do, you’ll most likely be able to sign him. If you can’t, try again and he might come

I know what you mean.
I’ve managed to land Roberto Mancini, Brolin, and Ceulemans (Couramaar from classics) along with Hummels. Sorted for at least this season now. But I didn’t know the targets changed that regularly. Once I’ve won a couple of leagues and cups they’ll all come begging to play for me anyway lol.

Targets will change depending on the gate receipts you earn after every match and results which could provoke a player to join your club. Good buys you may find in your first few seasons who are easy to get are Fer, Rane (really recommended), Camre (Classic Brazil and can score nearly every cross put it for him), Bnark (deadly set pieces), Bonsak (starts off well but decreases after 3 seasons though).

I’ll look in my bro’s ML and tell you some great players as I can’t think at the top of my head

I’m pretty sure it’s random when players appear, and you can judge when they will retire from their age.

Retired players pes 2012 master league

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