Manual Shooting and passing pes 2013

Manual Shooting and passing pes 2013

I’m sure i saw somewhere that in order to get full manual you hold L2 while performing your action, if you don’t hold it you get the assisted option.

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In my opinion this should be the other way round (hold for assisted.) Mainly because in a 1v1 situation with a rushing keeper when you have a split second to react i feel having to hold L2, aim your shot, press shoot, then press R2 to place it is a bit much. If you could just aim and shoot it would be way better.

I dont know if this is just me, but i feel the manual passing and shooting should be the default, and assisted should be the option.

What do you think? Is it just me?

I would actually like L2 to be assisted with manual being L2 however, KONAMI confirmed there will be an option and the L2 thing will be scrapped because of the complaints. The only problem about this is that manual shooting is sensitive and hard to practise so by a manual player could switch between assisted and manual in the middle of an online game which could be a potential problem

well maybe (obviously not in 2013) they could implement a training ground like the FIFA arena, so while a match loads you can practise your manual shooting/passing.

i think there does need to be a button that you can press/hold during a match that enables assisted shooting, but make it less accurate to push people to learn how to use manual controls, i dont mind a fairly steep learning curve, because when you pull it off you feel a hell of a lot better about the move you just made or goal you scored.

thinking about it, they should also include a heading system like adidas power soccer on ps1 (double tap shoot for a downward header) A lot of the headers currently just fly over the bar, whereas the COM always seem to power them in.

It should all be manual, especially shooting… what is this assisted bs!

shooting should have atleast a bit of assistance, full manual is unrealistic as it’d mean players like Keith Andrews can shoot as accurately as RvP

I think you should at least get a choice whether you want manual or not, the default being no.

If it was all manual and there was no other way, this would take away the ‘pick up and play’ element of PES for players who like to play the game every now and then, or against a friend.

Seriously, what’s this full manual thing? I mean come on, get real people. Full manual DOES NOT fit in Pes, simply because a full manual system ala Fifa destroys player individuality and DOES NOT and I repeat does NOT make the game harder. Why? Because once you learn the system, it’s easy because it’s predictable. A semi-auto system however, combines your aiming with the player’s individuality and that is something I would like to see from Pes 13’s manulal shot.

Now, I am not judging pes 13’s manual shot. I have to see it to comment on it, but I am sick of people wanting full manual ala fifa and at the same time, wanting player individuality, because they contradict each other and cancel each other out.

Glad to see someone else thinks this. The demo is quite good but I hate how the game is moving towards manual passing and shooting and losing the player individuality that made the old PS2 games great. However most people seem to be asking for this so it looks like this is where football games are headed which is a bit of a shame in my opinion.

I think passing is shite in the demo. No matter how much assistance i have, they sometimes make insane decisions passing the ball either to someone waaay to far or close from them completely destroying the joy. However cpu NEVER EVER make similar mistakes. This was a huge problem in pes 2011 and especially in 2012 – it’s toned a bit down, but it’s definetely still there in my opinion.

Manual Shooting and passing pes 2013

I really like the manual shooting. I just put it on constant manual because triggers are fiddly and I have no real need for assisted shooting. Compared to FIFA, this setting is more like semi-manual but that’s what I’d use in FIFA. So there is some element of ratings having an effect. So you’d still prefer to shoot with Ronaldo instead of Zokora.

For manual shooting and assing, I know that I have to hold L2. But do I aim with left or right analog stick? Anyone can help please?


If it will be full manual, what’s the point of Shot Accuracy?

everyone will pick players with high ” shot power “

and then boom!

It isn’t.

yeah I know

but some guys here want it to be full manual

i’m just sayin’

Oh sorry, no it’s just right. It’s like FIFA’s semi-manual which I use when I play it.

it’s ok

Manual Shooting and passing pes 2013

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