pes 2012 Your playing style?

pes 2012 Your playing style?

When you play PES, or the other game, what style of play do you use?

Are you someone who has one playing style for all teams which seems to work well for you, or do you try to play differently depending on what team you use?

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For example;

Do you sprint with fast players down the wings and look to get the ball in the box?

Do you try to pass the ball in the net, looking for that perfect goal?

Do you shoot on sight a lot?

Do you dribble a lot?

Do you use a crazy amount of tricks?


Personally, I like to play a passing game and keep the ball, if they haven’t got the ball, then they cannot score I don’t like the kick-and-rush-long-ball-over the wings-and crossing-gameplay. I like to break down the defence using good passing, good vision, sometimes a little close dribble (I don’t use tricks) to leave one defender behind and get space.

A good counter attack is good too, hitting the opponent on the break when they least expect it.

However, this style isn’t possible with all the teams on the game, as I’m aware of, so there’s also a little bit of chopping and changing which goes off too, and change of approach where needed.

Anyhow, i hope this discussion can provides some good discussion

As you said, i always prefer to play a wait n watch game but bec of the kind of opponents(speed merchants) i get, i use my wing to cross and head it. I use more head than legs. LOL

I adapt to the opposition. I’ve got an all round game!

I like to give it too my a fast players (usually Messi or Ronaldo) and then run into the corner all match and whip crosses in.

Slow tiki taka. I’ll literally pass the ball into the net. Although against my friends I’ll play long ball, for some reason that’s ridiculously effective against human players.

I usually play 6 at the back and hoof it up the field to peter crouch, He then takes it round 4 of em and scores, Then i sub him and bring a defender on and i always win cause im hench

I love to break all fast players legs well i would if the game would let you tackle them they all seem to have superman powers and run through you part from that like to mix it up depends on the situation.

It depends on the team.when U play Barca or Mierda U play atacking game, when I use Milan I used to play slow pace game…I never use premiership teams don’t know why, just I like technic and tiki taka game..control is everthing…

I try to imitate Barcelona/Spain in PES by passing it around to make space for my forwards to run. I switch sides very frequently too since the fullbacks are very attackminded and at times, when I’m dribbling forward with no available options, I turn my back towards the goal and trap the ball waiting for my fullback to bomb forward who which I then loft a through ball too. Only problem about this is that its a slow game and isn’t ideal if you’re trailing. If I am trailing in the last 10 minutes, I hoof it forward to someone tall (if there is noone tall, I long it too someone in open space) and knock it down to someone in the wing who crosses it. I practise all these tactics in training and they seem quite useful.

I never defend and counter, as I’m utter bull**** at counterattacking

My playstyle depends on my opponent. When i’m facing a weak team I just attack attack and attack. Mostly via the flanks.
For example: I’m Twente (top club in the eredivisie) and i’m facing vvv venlo (weak club in the eredivisie).

When i’m facing a hard team (For example I just played a champions league match against barcelona, which I won with 2-1), I play defensive. I wait for a good counter attack and break out, cuz I have some very fast players.

I like to play a pressing game but I feel limited to what I can do in this game. When I play a high pressing game it doesn’t feel like my team are pressing as hard as I would like. We have been limited to what we can do essentially. PES games back in the PS2 days used to get this spot on. You could choose each players attacking and defending mentality. You could choose if they were to cover and were they should roam too. Oh and we also had wing backs in those days. Why has wing backs been removed? That is right cock up they have made by removing wing backs from the game. There is just not enough that I feel I can do in this game tactically.

pes 2012 Your playing style?

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