Why the auto shooting pes 2012?

Why the auto shooting pes 2012?

Im sure some of you already noticed, sometimes not that rarely you will aim for the left and instead you will shoot right, does anyone else get seriously annoyed by this because I seriously do.

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Noticed this too and I don’t like this either. They should have left shooting unchanged from pes 2011. I think it was really good. It was one of the reasons I left fifa. I also think the ball is too slow (i play -1 speed though) for distance shots in pes2012. I don’t feel that wow factor like with pes2011 when scoring from outside the box.

Really is shit.So is the auto crossing and when passing using the O/B passes .Feels like your not really in control.

i noticed too, thought it was me being stupid with the shot… also, you aim left and it shoots on directly to the keeper WTF!!!!!?!?!

Maybe someone should tell that murphy guy about it, I don’t think jenkey can fix this kind of bug/game issue whatever.

LOL The bad is starting to come out lmao….

Simply put: Konami plays this game and we are little more than bystanders. Absolutely no control in this game whatsoever.

What’s worse is that it happens during multiplayer matches as well! It’s one thing to have the a.i. cheat (they do in every game), but it’s another completely to cheat for players. Why play?

They’ve already taken passing and tackling away from the user. Now they’ve even gone so far as to take shooting away from the player. No wonder FIFA (I don’t play it….yet) is kicking their ass.

despite the fact i am extremely frustrated with this auto shooting crap,it is still a fun game

i hope they give us a manual shoot option in update for release :J

To be more clear or fair It doesnt happen all the time. I think it tends to happen when your player is under pressure when taking the shot. If you re on a breakaway or wide open u could pick your direction. It happened the same way in pes2011 by the way.

Guys, guys, guys…

Right Trigger.

Try it.

I was very used to the old shooting controls and extremely frustrated at the auto-shooting but I’ve gotten the hang of using RT. Essentially, you hold it in after you’ve charged your shot and then you can control your shot a whole lot more, much like you did back in the earlier versions.

latdior – Don’t call the game bad just because you can’t play it, or is too lazy to learn it.

You cant read or what. i never called it bad. i was alluding to other bringing the bad. Dont put words in my mouth

Terribly sorry, I totally misunderstood you. My bad.

This happened in pes 2011 aswell and IT NEEDS TO GO.

As for the curve R2 shots. They are better in pes 12 once you master them. I am scoring those beautiful Villa curled shots from outside the box with ofcourse David Villa.

that’s cause he has the mid range curler card, been trying the R2 shots. It just seems like a hit or miss thing for other players. I’ve been practicing with Higuain in training, shooting just doesnt seem right during 1v1, and he has shot accuracy of 90 if i rmb right

while control shot on fifa is absolutely retarded, i do think pes needs to improve the controlled shot a little bit, it doesn’t seem very controlled to say the least

Yea but in pes 2011 it wasn’t that obvious, in pes 2012 it seems to happen way more often and I have to say pes 12 does have alot of little issues atm but this is by far the most annoying one and its really pissing me off.

wow – no one else noticed that L2 or LT is a manual bypass for any tyope of pass/shaot etc. Simply hold RT and hit shoot, it’s manual. It can be a pain sometimes when i am LT dribbling and i mis time releasing LT, hence creating a complete manual (normally powder-puff) pass!!

Sorry but this is bullshit, its only manual passing not shooting.

Yeah otherwise i’ve misunderstood something.

I agree with this 100%.

Just a tip for curled shots 1vs1. Use the R2 right before your player makes contact with the ball and shot with more power than usual, then press LEFT OR RIGHT (1 90 degree angle to where you’re at) and it works better, trust me.

However I can’t let this slide. THE CONTROLLED SHOTS NEED MUCH MORE CONTROLLING. It seems that power effects the curled shot too which is not the case in real life.

@Mystreyman I played pes 11 so many times and it happened the same times it does in pes 12. IT WAS EVIDENT. I mentioned it in fact a couple of months ago that it needs to go away.

This needs to be fixed. It is annoying. Specially on 1 v 1 situations. So how do we shoot then? 8 of 10 times the ball goes anywhere but where I aim; and almost every time it goes straight to the goalkeepers. Help

I found out how to aim perfectly.

Tap square as well as the direction when shooting.

If you want to shoot higher/harder full the gauge and tap the direction when releasing square.

Perfect shooting!


Dudes, u can switch off auto shooting in your personal menu. You can also turn off auto tackling and you can turn on how much you want to get a ‘passing assist’ or pass manual. I had to fill in these options the first time I played the game.

No you can’t. Auto shooting is for your teammembers when they don’t have the ball. You’re controller player A and you shoot the ball, ball gets blocked by the defender and player B (computer controlled, bcause you still control player A) gets the ball. He will auto shoot the ball, because you have turned auto shooting on.

Auto shooting option has nothing to do with the fact that you can’t aim your shots precisely.

No thats auto shooting for non controlled players, I’m talking about auto aiming.

This was answered way earlier than this, but I feel the need to reiterate.

Right Trigger. Use it.

What is that in PS3 controls?


In training mode an hour ago I was using Ajax against 3 defenders and tinkering with shooting. The R1 + square works nice in close. The low chip. I wouldn’t call it a chip though, it looks more like a tight topspin dipper that you can power up more than usual for being that close.

R2 + shoot works better than just shoot in all situations I feel. I just hold it before during and after I shoot and balls hit the net.

L1 + shoot is too floaty. That is the high chip shot.

L2 + shoot works great one time and then weirdly the next. Not exactly sure what that combo is doing. It’s not manual shooting. L2 + a 50% shot and I was hitting some screamers from just outside the box. Anything and I mean anything above 50% and it’s well over the bar.

As for shooting one time off crosses I am lost at sea. I have most luck just pressing square with no direction held or additional button presses but then choosing direction the instant it hits the foot or head. But it’s difficult. Too much so. When you get it right it feels sweet but it is so difficult to get the timing right. Ratings should affect this more.

One other experiment was using all of the above methods but holding back on the L stick so basically hold it to the left if heading right. I hit some real nice low shots that beat the keeper about knee height.

Training mode is where it’s at. Messing around with the L1 + circle early cross and putting some back spin on them so they drift away from the keeper coming out. When those work they are deadly.

Why the auto shooting pes 2012?

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